Saturday, November 20, 2010

KIDStrong Hydration Drink

Last week I received an offer to review KIDStrong Hydration Drinks.  I was intrigued.  And excited.  With four munchkins who inhale beverages like I inhale sweets, any opportunity to review a kids' beverage is very welcomed.  This is the perfect camel-filled household for beverage review. 

Sam Adams, Hubby is waiting.

I had told my oldest son, our Sports Fanatic, we would be receiving KIDStrong Drinks in the mail.  When the package arrived there was much excitement.  We love package deliveries.  The mystery of what's inside gets the munchkins every time.

Upon opening the package, I was delighted.  The KIDStrong bottles are bright and enticing.  They are "grown up" enough for munchkins of all ages.  No worries about "that's for babies!".  Always a relief.

That evening we opened one of each flavor.  They come in orange, grape and fruit punch.  The drinks reminded me of Propel, a flavored water drink my munchkins love.   The drinks were not as sweet and not as "syrup-y" as other flavored water beverages.  Hubby and three of my four munchkins drank them happily.  Aside from my Sports Fanatic, who prefers water to any beverage, everyone loved the KIDStrong Drinks.

After reading more about KIDStrong Drinks, I was pleased to learn that they are very low in sugar and calories.  No artificial sweeteners and no preservatives.  These drinks are a great alternative to fruit juices and sodas.  They also contain 20 vitamins and minerals as well as electrolytes. 

Hubby and the munchkins have almost finished the entire box of KIDStrong Hydration Drinks after just two days.  I would definitely recommend these to any family looking for a beverage that is low in sugar, yet still has flavor.  I have yet to see them in my Supermarkets, but from what I understand they are available in select grocery stores on the east coast.

If you see them, give them a try.  And let me know what you think!

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