Friday, February 4, 2011

Tabasco Red: Good on Everything Except Cheerios

This post brought to you by TABASCO® Original Red. All mommybrained opinions are 100% mine.

TABASCO® Original Red has offered me a chance to write a sponsored post.  I pondered over this opportunity for a few days.

I finally decided to throw caution to the wind and throw in my two cents on Tabasco Red Sauce. 

My parents and brothers are truly the Tabasco lovers in my family.

My Hubby has a weak tummy.  Unable to handle the rigors of digesting anything spicy.  He prefers standard fare, nothing crazy.

His favorite flavor enhancer is ketchup.

But my family?  Oh Nellie do they like some kick.  They crave a little flavor enhancement at every meal.

Due to the fact that I would be the only person using Tabasco Red in our home, we don't keep much on hand.

This doesn't go over well when my parents are over.

Or the one time my brother was over and he decided to make eggs.

Everyone turns my kitchen inside out in search of that little red Tabasco container.  My dad finally brought his own supply to keep at my house.

Growing up with a family of hot sauce lovers, I have seen it used on many dishes.  Tabasco Red is a staple at my parent's house.  When we order in pizza, everyone (minus Hubby) is drizzling Tabasco onto their slices.
It just adds a little "somethin somethin".

I hopped on the pizza and Tabasco bandwagon a few times and I must say it brings out the flavor.  It doesn't change the taste, just adds to it.

Quite miraculous.

 Every Christmas Brunch I watch my brother's use Tabasco Red to add flavor to eggs.

Tabasco+Scrambled Eggs =  Delish.

They also add it to sausage, steaks and anything else on their plates.

When I decided to write a post about the wonderfulness of Tabasco Red me and the 'rents had a good laugh about my constant lack of Tabasco in my house.  And the constant demand every time anyone is over.

Tabasco Red I will never fail you again.  My kitchen will be fully stocked and ready to enhance flavors.

After all, from what I've seen Tabasco is good on just about everything.  Except Cheerios.

At least that's what my Dad says.

If anyone has a recipe using Tabasco Red feel free to post it below.  I'd love to see the variety of dishes using this sauce.

Here is a game day party menu link with Tabasco recipes:  Game-Day Party Menu

And another link for Tabasco and Pizza: Pizza Perfected

Happy Hot Saucin'!
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