Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kids Email.Org: Email Accounts for Kids

Kids Email.Org is an email service for kids created with safety and adult supervision in mind.  Unless my kids are asking to play games, I am always hesitant to allow my kids time on the computer.  I am extremely uneasy about my babies learning to navigate cyberspace.  It's tough to keep control over what they are doing online, and one wrong click can lead to viruses and inappropriate websites.

Since being introduced to Kids Email.Org I have been busy creating emails for my munchkins.  I am thrilled with the options, and unlike other sites I have tried Kids Email.Org is VERY user friendly.  When creating an email for your child, the site walks you through several safety options for each account.  One of my favorite options was having a copy of every message (inbox and/or outgoing) to be emailed to my address.  For my younger kids who are eager to have an email, this was a comforting option to have available on the account.

Other excellent safety features include the option to block attachments, pictures and audio files.  You can limit messaging to contacts only, or give them more freedom on the account.  The email site allows the parent to be in control, and the child to have the freedom to email friends and family.

Alongside personalization options such a a signature and decorative background options, this email site pleases kids and adults alike.  My munchkins can now email aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends in a safe, controlled environment I feel comfortable with.
Check out Kids Email.Org and sign up for a free trial.  Your kids will love the email and you will love the safety features and the user friendly site.

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